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Claims for loss of earnings: The self-employed, the sportsperson and entertainer, and claims for loss of chance (LIVE WEBINAR)

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"There are 5 million self-employed people in the United Kingdom, making up 15.3% of the workforce."

A self-employed person faces particular difficulties when seeking to recover loss of earnings after being injured.

This webinar looks at the particular difficulties of acting for self-employed people who suffer loss of earnings due to injury, focussing on:

  • The particular problems of the self-employed claimant
  • The injured business owner
  • The effect of a limited company
  • Calculating net loss
  • Pension losses and the self-employed claimant

The webinar then goes on to look at particular issues relating to claiming losses in cases where the injured claimant earns, or hopes to earn, a living through sports and entertainment,  looking at cases where damages have been awarded and when a claim for “loss of chance” has been found to be appropriate.

Those attending the webinar will also be sent a set of useful links to relevant cases and articles on this topic together with a helpful “loss of earnings” questionnaire.


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Live webinar
04 Dec 2020
12:00 - 13:00

From 04 Dec 2020 to 04 Jun 2021