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Social media & Covid-19: Help available for personal injury lawyers during difficult times (webinar)

All levels - 1 hour

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"In this time of crisis social media activity is rife - because many other forms of social activity are banned"
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This webinar, presented by Gordon Exall, looks at:-

  1. The ways in which PI lawyers can use social media as a resource to keep up to date in both law and procedure. (Links to useful, blogs, Twitter accounts and other useful online sources will be provided)
  2. The use of social media in the courts: examining the case law relating to how social media impacts upon both liability, damages and credibility

This session includes a lengthy discussion on useful social media links and helpful sites for lawyers during the coronavirus crisis.

The session on the use of social media as a resource has been expanded to cover:

  • Hints and useful links for working remotely
  • Useful sites and links on remote hearings
  • Useful guidance for working at home
  • Wellbeing – sites that can help

It will also cover:

  • How LinkedIn destroyed a witness
  • Your client's social media profile
  • Twitter could lead your client bitter
  • Facebook in the courts
  • Social media and credibility
  • What can you tell your client about social media?


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31 Mar 2020

On-demand recording
From 31 Mar 2020 to 30 Sep 2020