A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Consultations and APIL responses

Very often, before laws and policies change, consultation papers are produced so the public and relevant organisations have an opportunity to comment on what is proposed. APIL prides itself on responding to all consultations which include proposals which will affect injured people, whether they are from the Government or from other bodies, such as the Law Commission or the Health and Safety Executive

Message to APIL members

We’d like to hear from you, so please send us your thoughts – points related to a specific question, general comments on the proposals, or case studies. These will then be shared with the working group responding to the relevant consultation. Get involved!

Our consultation papers are archived in order of date
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Increases to selected court fees - APIL ResponseDec 2023
APIL response - Proposals for a 21st Century Justice system Dec 2023
APIL response - Implementing increases to selected court and tribunal feesDec 2023
APIL response - Supporting Our Veterans consultationDec 2023
Scottish Government - Information gathering exercise on the process for low value personal injury claims resulting from road traffic accidents - APIL response Dec 2023
APIL response - Package Travel Legislation: updating the framework Dec 2023
APIL letter re OIC stakeholder roundtable proposals - finalDec 2023
Office of Lady Chief Justice: Guidance on the instruction of experts in the High Court (Northern Ireland)Dec 2023
MoJ: possible amendments to the Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (Social Entitlement Chamber) Rules 2008 in relation to whether hearings in criminal injuries compensation cases are held in public or private Dec 2023
APIL response - FRC in lower damages clinical negligence claims - a supplementary consultation on disbursementsOct 2023
APIL response - Licensing of non-surgical procedures in England Oct 2023
APIL response - UK Product Safety ReviewOct 2023
APIL response- Revisions to the medical reporting process for Road Traffic Accident claimsOct 2023
APIL response - ban on cold calling for consumer financial services and products Sep 2023
Further consultation on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme - APIL response Sep 2023
APIL response to NAO consultation on legal aid Sep 2023
APIL response to the DHSC on proposals for a mid-year tariff uplift of the NHS’s Injury Cost Recovery SchemeAug 2023
APIL response - Personal Injury Discount rate (Scotland and Northern Ireland)Aug 2023
APIL response - Workplace Claims consultationAug 2023
Initial consultation on the review of scale costs in the County Court - APIL response Jul 2023
A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation - APIL response Jun 2023
Help with Fees remission scheme review - APIL response Jun 2023
Scottish Government: Amendments to the regulation of independent healthcare - APIL response Apr 2023
APIL response to Mandatory licensing of special procedures in Wales Apr 2023
APIL response to MoJ Call for evidence on dual discount rate Apr 2023
APIL response to proposed amendments to CPR Part 22 and 23Feb 2023
Hague Convention 2019 Consultation - APIL responseFeb 2023