A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Issuing proceedings in the County Court: The new digital system, the demise of paper and avoiding negligence claims and other pitfalls

All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

"It’s the first time we’ve used your company but it was all very smooth and easy, admin wise"

On the 4 April 2022 the new digital county court system for issuing became mandatory for use for certain types of personal injury claims.

Join Brett Dixon, who is the only practitioner member of the Damages Committee, and John McQuater, APIL Secretary, to understand what the changes are including:

  • The background to the system and the old PD51S system
  • What is the Damages Committee and what does it do?
  • Timing of changes and the approach to mandation
  • What cases are in scope and what are outside scope for now?
  • Can you still issue on paper and what risks do you run if you do not use the system?
  • What pitfalls are there?
  • Can you issue and not serve?
  • What the changes mean in practice
  • What notification in the new system means?
  • How to adapt your systems
  • How will defendants use the system and why have they been avoiding use of the system until now?
  • What is coming next?


1 person - member/accredited firm: £70 + VAT
1 person - non-member: £90 + VAT
Small office (2 - 6 people): £110 + VAT
Large office (7 people or more): £165 + VAT
Whole organisation (All staff at all offices): £330 + VAT


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