A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Press releases

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New guide launched to support rehabilitation6 Dec 2004
Lord Chancellor applauded for "debunking" compensation culture myth6 Dec 2004
Outrage over cynical plans to cut criminal injuries compensation6 Dec 2004
Outrage over cynical plans to cut criminal injuries compensation6 Dec 2004
Abestos victims fight for compensation against "cynical" insurers8 Nov 2004
Teachers' union crtitisized for scaremongering8 Nov 2004
Legal aid reforms block justice for NHS injured8 Nov 2004
APIL calls for end to unneccesary defendent challenges5 Oct 2004
New recruits should not have to face construction dangers, warn safety lawyers5 Oct 2004
Tory party plans 'hysterical'2 Sep 2004
No justice for injury claims if new proposal goes ahead2 Sep 2004
Court fee increase casts shadow on access to justice2 Sep 2004
Call for end to 'profit before safety' mentality2 Sep 2004
Injury claims have no place in small claims court27 Jul 2004
Response to House of Commons Work and Pensions committee report - the work of the Health and Safety Commission and Executive27 Jul 2004
Holidaymakers warned of safety risks27 Jul 2004
Air crash victims - no compensation for pyschiatric injury27 Jul 2004
Top slot for Frodsham lawyer24 Jun 2004
Claims farmers must be regulated, warns lawyers group23 Jun 2004
Regulate claims farmers, APIL tells Clementi14 Jun 2004
Task Force report paves way for new 'safety' culture, say lawyers2 Jun 2004
Lawyers take on high profile roles at APIL20 May 2004
Consumer protection at forefront of new campaign20 May 2004
Top personal injury lawyer fires broadside at claims critics20 May 2004
NHS injury victims - complaints procedure in spotlight19 May 2004
Injury victims' compensation could run out, warn lawyers5 Apr 2004
One man band companies must not slip through insurance net12 Mar 2004
APIL president highlights serious concerns over compensation for victims26 Mar 2004
Lawyers warn Government to get tough on careless employers12 May 2004
Warning to youngsters taking on Christmas jobs27 Feb 2004
Fixed fees for workplace accidents 'premature' warn lawyers27 Feb 2004
College of Personal Injury Law announces new senior fellow appointment27 Feb 2004
NHS injury victims centre of compensation reforms27 Feb 2004
Lawyers support MP in air travel accidents campaign27 Feb 2004
Crime victims get raw deal under new compensation system27 Feb 2004
APIL welcomes agreement on success fees27 Feb 2004
Danger warnings to drivers and horse riders on the roads27 Feb 2004
APIL's 'guarded welcome' to proposed changes in multi-party action funding27 Feb 2004
DIY fans warned of asbestos risk27 Feb 2004
Lawyers warn women of hair dye chemical risks27 Feb 2004
Lawyer puts his back into ergonomics27 Feb 2004
Lawyers protest at "hit & miss" health and safety enforcement27 Feb 2004
Proposals to overhaul coroners system welcomed by lawyers27 Feb 2004
Lawyers welcome interim findings on employers' liability insurance27 Feb 2004
Appeal Court judges order ceasfire over trench warfare27 Feb 2004
APIL reaction to Baroness Scotland speech27 Feb 2004
Safety must be top priority at adventure holiday centres27 Feb 2004
New faces on APIL's new governing executive27 Feb 2004
Safety agenda for APIL's new presidential team27 Feb 2004
New APIL president sets out vision for the future27 Feb 2004
Shape up for summer in safety27 Feb 2004
Lawyers become luvvies for high-profile mediation masterclass27 Feb 2004
Bereaved should come first in review of coroners27 Feb 2004
APIL Ireland - Lawyers call for radical personal injuries reform27 Feb 2004
Making the nations roads safer for our children27 Feb 2004
Killing the compensation culture myth27 Feb 2004
Building on safety in construction industry27 Feb 2004
Local councils must grit roads27 Feb 2004
Northern Ireland workforce centre of Health and Safety shake-up27 Feb 2004
APIL response to 'cynical' actuaries report27 Feb 2004
Accidents at sea - compensation increase set for passengers27 Feb 2004
Safety issues side-lined in Queen's speech27 Feb 2004
Ten year celebration for APIL Chief Executive27 Feb 2004
House of Lords overturns asbestos ruling27 Feb 2004
Second-hand sunbeds may give you more than a winter tan22 Apr 2004
Safety threatens to dampen fun of the fair22 Apr 2004
Tighter regulations needed to control infections from skin piercing22 Apr 2004
Ruling means uncertainty for motorists this winter22 Apr 2004
Skiers warned to check instructors' qualifications22 Apr 2004
Play it safe with holiday insurance22 Apr 2004
Lawyers support hair campaign22 Apr 2004
Special feature - hot air balloons22 Apr 2004
Be vigilant about food hygiene22 Apr 2004

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