A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Press releases

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Customers must be protected when non-surgical cosmetic procedures go wrong13 Dec 2023
MP backs fight to help injured people27 Nov 2023
Child sex abuse survivors kept waiting for justice 21 Nov 2023
“Essential” disbursements should be funded by the wrongdoer13 Nov 2023
Call for crackdown to stop unsafe goods being sold online at Christmas09 Nov 2023
Film about the importance of PI law scoops top prize08 Nov 2023
Crime victims received six times more injury compensation at appeal24 Oct 2023
Changing how medical reports are handled will erode justice11 Oct 2023
One thing majority of UK adults want the Government to do09 Oct 2023
Call for compensation scheme extension to help more abuse survivors27 Sep 2023
Dumbed-down disclosure will lead to workplace claim delays18 Sep 2023
Car insurance prices soar since whiplash crackdown13 Sep 2023
Time for outright ban on millions of nuisance personal injury cold calls23 Aug 2023
Claims and injury levels diverge since OIC01 Aug 2023
Compensation for severe injuries needs urgent review25 Jul 2023
AI technology racing ahead but the law is lagging far behind19 Jul 2023
New data reveals impact of avoidable injuries 22 Jun 2023
MP leads call for change to asbestos law08 Jun 2023
Asbestos law specialist elected to leading role16 May 2023
Cardiff-based lawyer fights for justice for injured people 11 May 2023
New APIL president: campaigning for change in challenging times10 May 2023
Lawyers welcome mandatory licenses to help keep consumers safe19 Apr 2023
Bereavement damages: Government out of touch with modern society19 Apr 2023
APIL warns of under compensation risk in discount rate reform11 Apr 2023
Hague Convention helps enshrine right to justice16 Mar 2023
Urgent action needed to help sexual abuse survivors 07 Feb 2023
Human rights breaches should never be 'acceptable'25 Jan 2023
Uncertainty set to continue as Court of Appeal fails to provide clarity in mixed injury cases20 Jan 2023

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