A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Press releases

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Government to reconsider April 2013 RTA portal extension date21 Dec 2012
Government’s plan for personal injury claims ‘hits wrong target’11 Dec 2012
Legal loopholes put workers at risk of injury30 Nov 2012
Lawyers call for Scotland to lead the way on drink driving limit29 Nov 2012
Red tape 'obsession' to put Scottish safety law back by 100 years13 Nov 2012
Whiplash report to 'iron out myths' in Parliament today8 Nov 2012
Government to push through crime victim compensation cuts31 Oct 2012
Assault on health and safety will increase risk of injury30 Oct 2012
Campaigners warn tourists about European compensation trap24 Oct 2012
Government must act now to help injured people invest for the future23 Oct 2012
Asbestos victims let down again by revised rules for insurers23 Oct 2012
Government red tape ‘obsession’ to put safety law back by 100 years17 Oct 2012
'Sorry' not always good enough for victims of injury1 Oct 2012
Safety guidance must be in plain English, say lawyers19 Sep 2012
Lawyers welcome rethink on compensation cuts11 Sep 2012
Warning as Parliament cuts compensation for crime victims10 Sep 2012
New whiplash research quashes claims myth5 Sep 2012
Adrenalin junkies need insurance ‘safety net’ while on foreign soil23 Aug 2012
Northern Ireland could blaze a trail for bereaved families14 Aug 2012
Brain injury victim backs campaign against compensation cuts6 Aug 2012
Plans to help people with work-related cancer need to go further, say lawyers 25 Jul 2012
Peers ‘must reject’ plans to cut compensation for crime victims24 Jul 2012
Britain’s dockers at risk as safety measures face the axe23 Jul 2012
Campaigners call for Government U-turn on abolition of adventure regulator12 Jul 2012
Compensation cuts will deny access to justice for crime victims3 Jul 2012
Motorists pay the price for insurance industry ‘racket’, say lawyers31 May 2012
Government attacked for rushing compensation reforms30 May 2012
Teenaged crime victim backs campaign against compensation cuts22 May 2012
Two year wait goes on for industrial disease victims17 May 2012
Lawyers call for real debate on whiplash2 May 2012
Crime victims denied access to justice by compensation cuts30 Apr 2012
Government must listen to dying workers, say lawyers26 Apr 2012
Lawyers' leader calls on Government for a fair deal for injured people17 Apr 2012
New faces in APIL top roles17 Apr 2012
Justice review should deliver a Scottish system for Scottish people, say lawyers12 Apr 2012
Lawyers welcome health and safety myth busting11 Apr 2012
Regulation in Scotland would 'help ensure children's safety'30 Mar 2012
Justice at last for asbestos victims, but some are still dying without redress28 Mar 2012
Campaigners issue justice warning despite LASPO Bill exemptions15 Mar 2012
Court cutbacks could create chaos for people seeking justice 13 Mar 2012
Law Society, APIL and MASS urge re-think on Government civil litigation reforms1 Mar 2012
Government urged to consider full picture in latest legal reforms9 Feb 2012
Proposals for honesty about medical mistakes ‘don’t go far enough’31 Jan 2012
Access to justice warning over criminal injuries compensation reforms 31 Jan 2012

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