A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Press releases

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Saatchi Bill "a danger to patients"12 Dec 2014
'Stop pressure ulcer day': lawyers call for national strategy19 Nov 2014
Lawyers welcome new duty to apologise12 Nov 2014
Medical Bill puts patients at risk from ‘over-ambitious doctors’24 Oct 2014
APIL standard recognised by Legal Aid Agency06 Oct 2014
Lawyers back call for compulsory alarms to detect killer gas11 Sep 2014
Bereaved families’ agony prolonged by probe delays10 Sep 2014
Government’s "pointless" Heroism Bill plays to populist myths 05 Sep 2014
Lord Chancellors must be forced to rise above politics, lawyers tell Lords inquiry28 Aug 2014
Government continues to drag heels on discount rate26 Aug 2014
UK health and safety should be celebrated01 Aug 2014
‘Heroism’ Bill makes bad neighbours out of Good Samaritans17 Jul 2014
Going abroad? Be sure of the law!01 Jul 2014
Patients exposed to maverick medics under Medical Innovation Bill27 Jun 2014
New plan to end pressure sore postcode lottery 26 Jun 2014
Question mark over 'hidden cost' of court reform plans10 Jun 2014
London barrister takes on top role01 May 2014
Burnley solicitor takes on top role01 May 2014
Islington solicitor is the new vice-president of APIL01 May 2014
Chesterfield solicitor takes on presidential role01 May 2014
Put justice before profits, urges new APIL leader29 Apr 2014
Families of killed workers face unfair fight for justice28 Apr 2014
Medical Innovation Bill threatens to ‘erode patient safety’25 Apr 2014
Priced out of justice22 Apr 2014
Court reform plans set to leave ‘massive black hole’ in public purse, lawyers warn17 Apr 2014
No ‘have-a-go’ culture for workplace injuries, say lawyers16 Apr 2014
Hillsborough anniversary: MPs back campaign to help mentally scarred15 Apr 2014
Judicial review opens route to justice for bereaved families11 Apr 2014
Short term Government approach could lead to long term health problems31 Mar 2014
Hillsborough’s hidden legacy - call for change in the law06 Mar 2014
Cut birth injuries to cut the compensation bill, lawyers tell NHS06 Feb 2014
Call for courtesy on the piste27 Jan 2014
Workers at risk from new health and safety proposals23 Jan 2014
New asbestos cancer Bill does not go far enough08 Jan 2014

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