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Running a brain injury case - the fundamentals 2019

Running a brain injury case - the fundamentals 2019
Litigator/Senior Litigator - 6 hours

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

An essential introduction for any practitioner wishing to handle a case involving brain injury

This one-day course will help you address the difficulties of representing people with injuries that might not always be visible but which can have a devastating affect on their personality and behaviours, with severe consequences for them and everyone around them. 

Many aspects will be covered including:   

  • how to recognise a brain injury and how it overlaps with other injuries
  • the first interview with the client and/or their family, including funding the claim
  • dealing with insurers and defendants from the outset
  • discharge planning, NHS input and therapies
  • benefits, housing and accomodation
  • social services and dealing with employers
  • rehabilitation and case management
  • mental capacity and Court of Protection
  • choosing your experts, including counsel
  • starting proceedings, costs budgeting and the muti-track code
  • discreet aspects of liability e.g. seatbelts, crash helmets
  • court approval, provisional damages and periodical payments
  • financial and investment advice, post settlement and the long term


Corporate accredited firm: £205 + VAT
APIL member: £240 + VAT
Non-member: £355 + VAT