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Vicarious liability in the modern world

All levels - 1 hour

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This webinar, presented by APIL vice-president Brett Dixon, is part of a 6 webinar series.

Vicarious liability is often said to be on the move. It undoubtedly is and the Supreme Court have been and continue to be very active in this area. Understanding how the quasi-employment and the sufficiently close connection tests work in the modern world is important in employers liability and related cases.

After this webinar you will understand:

  • The quasi-employment test and when a non-employer may be held to be vicariously liable
  • The principles underpinning the introduction of vicarious liability
  • The two elements to the sufficiently close connection test
    • The nature of the work undertaken
    • The need for a link to the wrongdoing complained of
  • The remaining pitfalls in vicarious liability


This webinar is part of a 6 webinar series.  Other webinars in the series include:

Principles of negligence in employer’s liability
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Vicarious liability in the modern world

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09 Apr 2021

On-demand recording
From 09 Apr 2021 to 09 Oct 2021